What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are those messages that pop-up on users' mobile screens telling them some new updates about your App, sell them something, or just reminding them of revisiting the App. They are smart notifications that can be featured anytime and anywhere on mobile phones, and it can be seen even if the user is not using the App.

Rich Push Notifications Types

  • Text Push Notifications : with title and customizable sound and notification image.
  • Video Push Notifications : Send mp4 videos, either landscape or portrait mode video, with an embedded call to action button to drive users to flow to your desired destination.
  • Youtube Push Notifications : as same as Video Push but with Youtube video link.
  • Gif Push Notifications: upload your Gif file or just search Tenor Gif Library for your preferred Gif related to your campaign.
  • HTML Push Notifications : Send interactive push notifications with HTML content, displayed outside the App, and even in phone lock screen.
  • WebView Push Notifications: Send push notifications that preview certain web page content, displayed outside the App, and even in phone lock screen.
  • Silent Push Notifications : send push notification to remotely manage your App in the background without user action, i.e., update your App Data in the background

Rich Push Notifications Options

  • Emoji support: better engage your users and give life to your pushes
  • User Call to Action: drive the user flow to many dynamic destinations after they got the Push like :

    • open any URL
    • open Smart Deep Link
    • open Mobile Landing Pages
    • open App Deep Link
  • Push Notifications Title: the value displayed in the mobile system tray notification.

  • Custom Push Notifications Sound: Customize the sound of your notification on any device.

  • Multi-Language Push Notifications: the ability to send push text and title in multi-language So that it depends on device language .
  • Notification Templates: Spend less time and efforts on marketing campaigns with reusing your notification text templates , with personalization variables support to customize push content for each user.
  • Personalization variables : add any variable name in form ( $varname )
  • User communication preference management : user can opt-out /opt-in

  • Trace Push tokens growth over time

Campaign Management

  • Create and schedule campaigns to be sent once or at repeated times( recurrently)

  • Campaign Delivery

    • Time zone sensitive: send your campaigns to different time zones
    • Bulk Campaigns or Segmented or O2O: send campaigns to all users or a segment or to a specific user.
  • Campaign Analytics

    • Detailed Campaigns Analytics: Evaluate the efficiency of your push campaigns with comprehensive statistics.
      • Sent/failed per platform
      • received: android users got the Push
      • dismissed: android users dismissed the Push and didn't open it
      • Open: users open the Push
      • conversion: users performed the conversion action triggered by the SDK
    • Real-time Conversion Tracking: Stay informed of user flow and make further improvements based on detailed real-time conversion metrics of who opened and dismissed the campaign
    • Campaign Revenue Tracking
    • Export to Excel /CSV campaigns analytics

Campaign Remarketing

retarget users who open or made conversion actions (i.e., done purchase) from the push notification campaign