Send Automated and Personalized Push notifications, SMS or Emails based on your user’s actions and behavior using Apggain’s Powerful Automator, Know More Now!

Prerequisites - Installing SDK

Steps to Follow: 1. Create an auto message in Appgain Dashboard, through this Link. 2. Fire the auto message by using this code.

    Note that: you must use the same trigger event that was entered in step 1, as the TriggerPoint in the following code.

// show loader for user.  
[AppGain CreateAutomatorWithTrigger: <your-trigger-point> andUserId: <your-user-id> whenFinish:^(NSURLResponse * p, NSMutableDictionary *result) {    
    //hide loader

        //all calls thread  safe 


AppGain.createAutomator(withTrigger: <your-trigger-point>, andUserId: <user-id>) { (response, result) in  
        //response and result are thread safe