Automation Journeys

Server Side Marketing Automation are Automation scenarios invoked in automated way from your App backend , examples of use cases are :

  • 🙋 Customer OnBoarding welcome drip messages to teach the new user about your App/Website USPs, Features.
  • 💰 Achieve First Purchase to motivate the new users to do the first order/purchase if they have installed the App since N days with No Purchase has been done.
  • 👏 On Purchase to reward the users for doing a purchase and motivate them to do a
  • 🎂 Birthday Gift send automated discount codes for customers on their birthdays

How it Works ?

To use Server Side Marketing Automation , you need to

1-Create Customer Segment

2-Create Automation Rule

Create Automation Rule at Dashboard that will determine what messages will be sent , when each message will be sent and over which channel , for example Abandoned Cart Reminder Rule will be like this :

Message Title Message Channel Content URL GracePeriod (in Hours)
You Left The Happiness In Your Cart My Cart Push Notification Are we breaking up?💔 MyApp://Cart 1 Hour
still overthinking? Email We all hesitate! Just go with the one you liked most 😉 MyApp://Cart 24 Hours