Email Campaigns Options

  • Text or HTML emails
  • Email Subject field
  • Templates: reuse your HTML templates designed by MailChimp or any other tools, with personalization variables support to customize email content for each user.
  • Personalization variables : add any variable name in form ( $varname )
  • User communication preference management : user can opt-out /opt-in

Campaign Management

  • Create and schedule campaigns to be sent once or at repeated times( recurrently)

  • Campaign Delivery

    • Time zone sensitive: send your campaigns to different time zones
    • Bulk Campaigns or Segmented or O2O: send campaigns to all users or a segment or to a specific user.
  • Campaign Analytics

    • Detailed Campaigns Analytics:
      • Sent/failed per platform
    • Export to Excel /CSV campaigns analytics

Email Sending Vendors

we support sending Emails through these vendors