• An android mobile app.

  • Account, if you do not already have one.

  • Android Studio

  • Admin Access to firebase
  • Sender Id and Server API Key , Appgain don't support JSON file config


enter image description here

  • Go to Cloud Messaging tab and copy SenderID and Legacy server key

enter image description here

  • Open Appgain dashboard

  • Go to Settings > Basic Settings/Communication Channels

  • Navigate to Android push tab

  • Enter your SenderID and Server key

  • finally open manifest.xml file and add the following lines:




<action  android:name=""/>

<action  android:name=""  />



<receiver  android:name="io.appgain.sdk.controller.AppGainPushReceiver"



<action  android:name="com.parse.push.intent.RECEIVE"  />

<action  android:name="com.parse.push.intent.DELETE"  />

<action  android:name="com.parse.push.intent.OPEN"  />