How to Install Twitter Pixel Code:

1. Go to the Tools Dropdown in the top navigation bar and Choose Conversion Tracking
2. Click on Create New Conversion event from the button in the upper right corner

3. Now, you'll see a page showing your website tag.

enter image description here
4. Instead of copying and pasting the whole code, you'll want to Look for the Unique 5-character identifier Twitter used for each tag. You'll find this in the following portion of code (the area shown masked in red in the screenshot)

5. Once you have this unique 5 character identifier Copy and Keep It Till you log in to Appgain dashboard.

Adding Pixel Code to Your Appgain Project:

  1. Login into Appgain Dashboard

  2. Select your Project

  3. From the sidebar Go Down to project settings

  4. Click on Project Settings /Basic Settings /Integrations and click edit

  5. In the Twitter pixel tracking ID Add the Previously Copied 5 character unique identifier, then Click Save

enter image description here

Activating the Tracking Codes:

1. When creating a smart deep link, in the final configuration stage. Activate all the pixels that you wish to be tracked by Appgain dashboard and then publish your link

enter image description here

Now you will have Appgain Dashboard recording data from your configured Twitter Pixel