A segment in Appgain.io is a group of users whose actions taken/not taken, or user profile properties match a set of criteria you've defined.

Example Segments Criteria

  • Users who did not launch the App for ten days.
  • Users who live in Paris, were acquired via an Influencer campaign after March, transacted four or more times between June and June, and have not transacted in the last three weeks.

Once you've drafted the criteria of your App segments, you can create and save them at Appgain.io Rich User Profile screen and then target them either inApp or at social media/Mailchimp or Ads networks , more information about re-targeting at this link .

Types of Segments

There are two types of user segments in Appgain.io: Past Behavior segments and Live User segments.

Past Behavior Segments

Past Behavior segments enable you to group the users based on activities (purchase transactions, for example) that they have done in the past.

You can group App users based on a single user action (i.e., all users who Launched the App in the past ten days) or multi activities/events and user properties.

Live User Segments

Live User segments allow you to track what is users are doing in your App right now.

When you define a live segment user's behaviors/properties criteria, Appgain.io will monitor for these criteria as they happen in your App and immediately add/remove a user to/from a segment the moment their behavior/properties matches your criteria.

You can create Live User segments for a single activity (purchase item ), inaction (did not use the App in a specific time)

Segment Creation

  • from Rich user profile: using filters, without Date OR with any date parameter with "after" condition
  • from Smart Deep Link/Analytics: conversion segment
  • from Rich Push Campaign/Analytics: re-targeting segment