This Tutorial aims to teach the user how to integrate his android app with cloud using SDK and how to use the products

We will use a basic app created in Android Studio (no specific version required) with Compile SDK Version = 26 and Min SDK Version = 15.


Installing SDK

Android Studio uses Gradle (an advanced build toolkit) to automate and manage the build process while allowing you to define flexible custom build configurations. You can refer to Android Studio’s Build Guide for additional details.

To install Appgain SDK for Android in your Android Studio project, open your app/build.gradle file:

1-Add following line under dependencies:

Screenshot (33)

2-Sync your build.gradle and we are ready to go.

Screenshot (34)

3 - update your manifest permissions
if you don’t have app backend or you not using parse you will need only the following permissions:

4 - Create a new class:

4.1 make new class called AppController and extend application like that:

Screenshot (35)

4.2 Add your new class name in name attribute inside application tag in your manifest file:

Screenshot (36)

After SDK installation, now we would explain how to use the products with your app:

  1. Smart deep Link Creation

  2. Deferred Deep Linking

  3. Mobile Deep Pages Creation

  4. Parse Server Setup