Zapier Integration is a way to automate your tasks and do some work for your app

Appgain provide zapier integration, and using some or all our zaps make your work easier and give you the power to get use of our service in mutilple ways

Here are the triggers appgain provide so you can create zap using them and reuse the data received via these triggers :

  • User removed the app

  • New user

  • User event and properties

  • Tracked app installation

  • Tracked app installation revenue

when an event happens to match any of the triggers above the zap using this trigger will work and then use the received data with any way you want for example you can save them in google sheet or Linkedin matched audiences or add them to Facebook custom audience.

User removed the app: triggered whenever a user uninstall the app

New user: triggered when a new user installs the app

User event and properties : triggered with specific properties make an event that matches the event assigned to this trigger this trigger is dynamic filter data based on single event and action or multiple ones for example (purchase, matched, conversion) is addition to user properties for example user installation time or user LTV

Tracked app installation: triggered when installation takes place via a deep link

Tracked app installation revenue: Tracked when transaction takes place via tracked user

you just need to integrate with appgain to start using these triggers
Starting zapier integration and using our zaps and triggers is not hard just need to follow some steps . After logging into your zapier dashboard
it's time to start integration with Appgain
The first step is to go to zapier dashboard
Click My Apps in the sidebar

enter image description here

In the connection form search for appgain

enter image description here

A pop-up page will show up and ask you for some credentials

enter image description here

You will find all data needed in your appgain project in two pages setting under parse dashboard and project setting both exist inside menu

enter image description here

After that you can test your connection, disconnect and reconnect with you Appgain gain project

enter image description here

The previous two steps can work with any other app exist on zapier the only difference is the way every apps ask for connection

Next step is to start creating your zaps by going to zaps page in zapier dashboard then you click create zap

enter image description here

Name you zap choose the app, the account and the triggers you will work on and the action you will do with this data

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

You can skip the app connection part and get into creating zap directly when you choose "+add a New account"

enter image description here

Before going to action need first to test the data you must have data that matches the trigger you choose in each zap

test zap.png

After testing the data now it's time to choose the action, you have multiple actions to do just connect your app follow the steps and activate your app and test with testing data you already have


Do not forget to check zapier docs
For any further explanation you can contact us