Mobile Attribution

Get visibility of customer acquisition channel and LTV of each channel


  • App installation attribution : Tracking your App installs from each channel is crucial to your marketing campaign, know what channels are doing better and improve them!
  • Revenue per acquisition campaign : Know the lifetime value per user from your marketing channels and know which channel is bringing more valuable users? -App Install Detection/Attribution : for any link based campaign , like traffic campaigns .
  • Trace App Install : Track every install of your app to know how's your channel performing
  • Trace deferred deep linking : no matter where your deep link was open, you'll always know because our deep links gets tracked on mobile or desktop
  • Measure the ROI /Sales for influencer campaigns on Snapchat, instagram stories , SMS etc
  • Link Re-targeting : with built in social media /web push re-targeting in our tracker URLs (smartDeepLinks)
  • Post install Event tracking : Track your users' /events post installation , and link them to acquisition channel
  • Shorten, Branded Tracking URLs

**Use Cases **

**App installation attribution **

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App Conversion Event Attribution

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Continue User Flow , with Web2App Routing

Direct your users to your app even if they don't have it installed yet!

With built in Social Media Retargeting, even those didn't install the app , will see your retargeting Ads

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App Install Detection

Detects if the user has your app already installed or not, with Deferred deep linking the user screen flow will continue to the target screen even if the app was just installed.

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Advertise App's Content in other Apps

Smart Deeplinks help you effectively advertise within the app content. You can also customize the user's experience with the option to show an App Content Preview on the web to improve installation conversion.

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