Re-target your customers using Appgain multi channel re-marketing using

Link ReMarketing

re-target your customers/visitors as soon as they open any of your Appgain marketing links

  • Built in at Appgain Micro Pages and Short Links
  • Can be enabled /disabled at level of each link
  • Integrated with Pixel tracking technology of
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Google Ads
    • Snapchat
    • Linkedin

App ReMarketing

re-target your App users as soon as install your App

  • using Appgain Mobile SDK
  • IDFA /Advertiser Id and email users identification
  • App users ReMarketing channels :

    • SMS :
      • Plain text SMS or
      • DeepLinked SMSs with Appgain's Short Links that drives user's flow to specific page inside the App .
      • Rich SMS with with Appgain's Micro Pages, where you can drive user's action outside the App .
    • Email : Deep Linked emails that drives user's flow to specific page inside the App .
    • Push Notifications :

      • Text Push Notifications or below Rich Push Notifications types .
      • Video Push Notifications
      • Gif Push Notifications
      • Youtube Push Notifications
      • HTML Push Notifications
    • Mailchimp : as soon as user install your app , his email is added to your mailchimp audience list .

    • Automatically sync user segments with major social media /ads networks custom audiences list of