All in One Mobile Marketing Cloud

Step 1: Platform Integration

Connect your platforms and customers Touch Points with through an SDK or API Integration or Market Place Apps for Shopify and .

This can be done through any of the following methods:

Once you've connected all your platforms, Appgain Platform will automatically start tracking specific pre-defined data points as System Events, System User Attributes in your dashboard.

Platform Integration

Step 2: Track Custom User Data & Behavioral Data

Using the SDK, you can track and pass custom user data (Custom User Attributes) and behavioral data (Custom Events) to your dashboard for all your anonymous and identified users.

Track Custom User Data & Behavioral Data

Step 3: Communication Channel Setup

Configure Push, SMS, Email, WhatsApp to start communicating and engaging users.

Communication Channel Setup

Step 4: Re-targeting Setup

Configure Re-targeting for Facebook , Tiktok , Twitter ,Google Ads ,Snapchat ,LinkedIn to start collecting re-targeting pixels of users.

Re-targeting  Setup

Step 5: Start Using

Head over to our User Documentation to understand how you can leverage omni-channels ,and Automation Journeys to retain and engage users .