Marketing Automation

Influence your users' action through pushing highly-targeted and relevant content through mobile app multi channel marketing

automator flow


  • Message on Event: boost your mobile app marketing relevancy though applying an automated system that can spread behavior-based multichannel communication via push/web push /Email /SMS channels.

  • Multi channel :SMS, Email, App Push and Web Push.

  • Messages with or without URL.

  • Anti-Spam : it never message same user twice /day for same event if its triggered many times.

  • Flexible : message the user on multi channel on different grace periods for each channel for better conversion.

  • Smart: Automator plays smart to avoid spamming users. If a user clicked the CTA from the very first message received via one of the channels, you can order your automation to stop spreading the same content through the other channels and get over any possible spams.

How it Works ?

To use Marketing Automation , you need to

1-Create Automation Rule

Create Automation Rule at Dashboard that will determine what messages will be sent , when each message will be sent and over which channel , for example Abandoned Cart Reminder Rule will be like this :

Message Title Message Channel Content URL GracePeriod (in Hours)
You Left The Happiness In Your Cart My Cart Push Notification Are we breaking up?💔 MyApp://Cart 1 Hour
still overthinking? Push Notification We all hesitate! Just go with the one you liked most 😉 MyApp://Cart 24 Hours

2-Fire Automation Rule Trigger Point

to add a user in an automation flow , you need do this in one of these ways

  • Via Appgain SDK , using fireAutomator SDK method , this is for App side invoked automation example use cases are Abandoned Cart Reminder ,When skip registration , Product View Reminders and Price Drop Alerts

  • Server Side Automation , users are added and removed to it automatically when they match specific criteria such has not done any order since 10 days , its more suitable for users activation use case like , Customer OnBoarding ,and to activate users installed the App since N days with No Purchase has been done , more info about How it works

  • Via Appgain Rest API more info about How it works