How To Configure Micro Pages for SEO ?

Congrats on creating your Landing Page! But do you want your pages to get discovered and indexed by Google? And get A free Traffic/app installs from this popular Search Engine?

Just make sure to follow those steps and best practices

Did you setup Google Analytics?

you have to make sure that set it up before completing this step by step guide!

Set up Google Search Console

Visit Google Search Console , and add you custom domain from here

  • Verify Your Ownership

Choose to verify your ownership of your subdomain by Google Analytics Method, then click VERIFY

If your verification field, make sure you are signing in Google by an account that have admin access on Analytics, and if you still can't verify it, contact us.

  • Submit your site to be indexed by Google

First, click on Crawl, then choose Fetch as google

Then, Click Fetch and render

Wait for some minutes until google finishes, and showing you this message then click on Request Indexing

Finally, choose Crawl this URL and its direct links, then click Go

Congratulations! You are Done.

How To Create SEO Friendly Content for Your Landing Pages?

In the world of SEO, content is the king! So it's very important to make sure that your content is SEO friendly and to achieve that try to follow these steps!

  • Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of discovering what your target audience search google for, and what are the terms they use to express about what they want! So that you use these Keywords in your content, to be visible when they using them! To know more Keyword research and how to do it, check this Guide from Backlinko From Here Or request our Keyword research service from here

  • Title

Your title (Topic Text) is one of the most important parts of your page, it the first thing your users will read, then they will decide to continue or to leave!

Learn More about how create SEO friendly titles From Here

  • Meta description Meta descriptions is the few paragraphs that appear under titles in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and it's very important for both Engines and Users!

Learn more about how to optimize them From Here

  • Body

The body of your Deep pages needs to be just to point and describes what you want to tell them exactly. Try to make as clear and simple and Keyword focused as possible!

  • Images

Your images need to be related to the deep page topic and have a good quality and not more that X MP and it's dimetions need to be X*X to fit in the deep page design, and finally don't forget to describe your image in the box of Alt tag, Google can't see your pictures! It can just read what you write to describe it in the Alt Tag filed

Finally, thank you for reading our guide on how To Create SEO Friendly Content for Your Landing Pages, please if you have any questions never hesitate to contact us directly.

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