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Step-by-step guide to configuring Email communication channel

Getting Started

Email in Mobile and Retail marketing is used for sending promotional offers, announcing new products, personalizing recommendations, collecting feedback, building customer loyalty, sharing engaging content, providing order updates, re-engaging customers, nurturing relationships, and driving traffic to stores or online platforms.

At Appgain you can send both transactional emails by API, Bulk Emails and Marketing Automation Emails

Required For Setup

  • Email Address
  • Email Bulk Service Provider :

we support sending Emails through these vendors

You Can Also contact Appgain's Account Manager to purchase Email Packages

Best Practice to optimize Email Delivery

  • Email Marketing Subdomain : dedicated subdomain for email marketing
  • Email Warming :

Email warming is a process of gradually building and establishing the reputation of a new email sending domain or IP address. It involves sending a small volume of emails initially, gradually increasing the volume over time. This helps to establish trust with email providers, prevent being flagged as spam, and improve deliverability rates. The goal of email warming is to ensure that emails reach the recipients' inboxes and avoid being filtered as spam or blocked.

Ask your Appgain Account manager for our Email Warming Service

Email Configurations

  • Goto Project Settings /Communication Channels/Email
  • Select your Email Vendor
  • Enter your account info you got from your Email Vendor